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9 Important Estate Planning Tips

9 Important Estate Planning Tips

| July 11, 2022

Your estate planning has an impact that can reach beyond financial issues and your lifestyle to include your family. It is such an important—yet often overwhelming—process to go through, so you’ll get some important insight and tips in this episode to help you handle it with more ease. I’ll help you make sure that you and your family are put in the best position, no matter what happens.

Listen in to hear how to begin creating your will and why it’s so important to regularly update beneficiaries. I will also share some key areas that you really don’t want to miss when it comes to estate planning and how these areas can affect the people you leave behind. When it comes to leaving a positive and impactful legacy, estate planning is an important place to start, so don’t keep putting it off.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn

  • Who you need on your team to start planning your estate.
  • The role of a will and how to create it.
  • What a beneficiary is and why you need to update it regularly.
  • What healthcare directives are and why they’re important.
  • The primary purpose of a trust and why you want it.
  • The benefits of gifting when it comes to taxes.
  • How to limit estate taxes.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“As you begin to decide what kind of legacy you want to leave, be sure to consult your team of professionals and make sure that includes an estate planning specialist and a tax attorney.” - Regina McCann Hess

“If your beneficiaries are outdated or inaccurate, your assets may pass to people you did not intend to benefit.” - Regina McCann Hess

“Gifting can be an excellent way to reduce the taxable amount of your estate.” - Regina McCann Hess


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