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Mission Minded Marketing and Making Mistakes with Beth Brodovsky

Mission Minded Marketing and Making Mistakes with Beth Brodovsky

| December 01, 2022

Reluctance to make mistakes is a mistake in itself. In this episode, Beth Brodovsky, owner of Iris Creative, joins the show to share from her wealth of experience in brand strategy and helping organizations clarify their identity, message, and more. She has some incredible insight into leadership, education, experience, and making mistakes.

Listen in to learn what brand strategy actually is, how it is implemented, and how Iris Creative comes alongside businesses to build a bridge between their mission and marketing. Beth also shares a glimpse into what many college educations lack, how she ran into that in her own career early on and how it directed her to what she does now. If you’re an entrepreneur or hoping to start your own business, this is an incredibly uplifting and inspiring episode that you don't want to miss!

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • What brand strategy is and why it’s important to organizations.
  • What a marketing seizure looks like and how to avoid it and focus on the big stuff.
  • The things they don’t teach you in college.
  • The gap between your degree and your career.
  • The hurdles Beth has dealt with as a woman in leadership.
  • How she was “kicked out of the nest” and pushed to start her business.
  • How to manage the constant feeling of being “behind.”
  • The importance of pausing and looking back.
  • Creating space to breathe.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“That’s the main thing that I got from college: how to understand what someone else’s problem is and use the tools of visual language in order to solve those problems.” - Beth Brodovsky

“Your college degree is really important until you get the next four years of experience. Once you have four more years of experience, those four years define what people are looking at your resume to do next.” - Beth Brodovsky

“For me, the biggest thing I’ve struggled with was the resistance to making a mistake because I equated making a mistake to failure.” - Beth Brodovsky


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