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Career and Personal Development with Megan McShane

Career and Personal Development with Megan McShane

| April 24, 2024

Today we are joined by Megan McShane, co-owner of Your Best Life Now. Having been able to combine her love for personal development with marketing, business development, and making an impact on the world, Megan opens up about what her business means to her and others, as well as what she sees as crucial when it comes to long-term success and growth. 

Listen in to hear about the core values of her networking group and how they consistently live out those values. You'll learn about Megan's career journey, the programs her company runs, and her experience as a professional woman in her field.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Megan’s background and what Your Best Life Now is all about.

  • The core values that Megan and her networking group live out.

  • The importance of community and support as a business owner.

  • Megan’s experience working for Tony Robbins.

  • Why she chose the path she did.

  • What it has been like for Megan as a woman in her career.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “It is lonely. A lot of business owners are successful financially in their businesses or the biggest fish in their pond, but they’re seeking fulfillment.” - Megan McShane
  • “Our group is about creating balance in those four core areas and also being around likeminded people and really pushing them to grow so you’re not staying too comfortable.” - Megan McShane
  • “Business owners and entrepreneurs need a peer group.” - Megan McShane


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