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Competitive Real Estate on the Coast

Competitive Real Estate on the Coast

| March 31, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, many people refocused their priorities and moved out of the city and closer to nature. This trend has continued as we make our way through 2022, as families and young professionals continue to work from home and spend more time outside. No one knows this better than our guest today, Truda Carney, a real estate agent for Long and Foster near the shoreline of New Jersey. In this episode, Truda shares her experience within the housing market and gives her advice for anyone who doesn’t quite feel content where they currently are.

Listen in as she talks about the importance of being kind to yourself and finding what makes you happy. You will learn her tips for anyone looking to sell their property as they are navigating a divorce, how to find the motivation needed to push through your low moments, and the importance of staying positive.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn

  • How the housing market was impacted throughout the pandemic.

  • Why so many people seem to be moving toward the coast.

  • Advice for selling your house through a divorce.

  • Why you should focus on what makes you happy.

  • Truda’s experience as a woman in real estate.

Ideas Worth Sharing

“I don’t like to rush my buyers or sellers. I give them the facts and let them take things at their own pace.” - Truda Carney

“Be kind and state the facts.” - Truda Carney

“Be calm, be curious and stay focused on the money that you want to make on your home.” - Truda Carney


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