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Creating a Family Caregiving Plan

Creating a Family Caregiving Plan

| December 12, 2022

Healthcare crises catch families off-guard all the time, and scrambling to make quick decisions and navigate a difficult medical crisis can be a huge strain on everyone. So, in this episode, I will be talking about how to create a family caregiving plan that will be ready if an emergency or crisis ever occurs. It's a crucial step for making a difficult time a bit easier, and even providing reassurance and confidence when things are tricky and uncertain. 

Listen in as I discuss the ways you can head off many common issues that arise with a healthcare crisis by making a detailed plan now. From knowing who you will involve in caregiving to delegating roles and planning for potential resistance areas, you will get a glimpse into each step of creating a care plan that works for your unique family situation. Whether you have aging parents or family members, or you are just wanting to plan ahead, it is always a good idea to start now.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need a plan now.
  • The value of getting a head start on healthcare planning.
  • How to form your team and who to include (and when to include them).
  • The steps you can plan ahead with your team.
  • Key roles that need to be filled.
  • How to overcome resistance.
  • Important ways to listen and how to create the right planning environment.
  • Why you need to do thorough research before getting too far into planning.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“What if an unexpected illness or accident strikes out of nowhere? Would you be asked to provide caregiving? How much family assistance could you count on?” - Regina McCann Hess

“Having a plan in place before a healthcare crisis hits your loved one will help avoid the inevitable panic and sense of crisis that can paralyze families at that time.” - Regina McCann Hess

“In a crisis, mistakes are made, frustration rockets, resentment flourishes, and festering family conflicts only get worse. You can take steps to avoid that panic scenario and develop your healthcare plan while time and level-headedness are still on your side.” - Regina McCann Hess


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