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Dressing to Impress with Kristen Bechtel

Dressing to Impress with Kristen Bechtel

| June 07, 2022

Helping her clients with all of their wardrobe needs, whether business or casual, Kristen Bechtel loves the work she does. As an image consultant for Tom James, she saves professionals and business owners time by identifying and building a unique wardrobe that suits their lifestyle. Today Kristen joins the show to discuss what her day-to-day entails and her advice for anyone on the hunt for the perfect tailored suit.

Listen in as she shares what goes into finding the perfect outfit for professionals, as well as why she believes it is so addictive once you start getting custom clothes. You'll learn what inspires her the most, why she believes her career choice is incredibly empowering as a woman, and what drove her to pursue this career.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • What it's like working as an image consultant.
  • How Kristen finds clothing for each of her clients.
  • Why it is important to remember that not every person is built the same.
  • The value of referrals and social media when growing your business.
  • The challenges Kristen has faced in her career.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Nobody is built the same.” - Kristen Bechtel

“If you have to wear something every day, we believe you should be comfortable.” - Kristen Bechtel

“Custom clothing is very addictive once you get started.” - Kristen Bechtel


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