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Elevating the Employment Experience with Morreen Rukin

Elevating the Employment Experience with Morreen Rukin

| May 15, 2023

Creating better culture, environment, and relationships is (or should be) one of the key goals for businesses, as it is the glue that ties everything and everyone together. President and Founder of Combined Resource Solutions and Creative Restaurant Solutions, Morreen Rukin, joins the show today to discuss just that. She shares how her firm provides HR consulting and solutions that present employee-facing surveys that help organizations hear what’s really on their minds and hearts.

Listen in to hear about her own career journey and the personal development and hurdles she overcame along the way. She also discusses the value of leadership, the power of lifting others up at work (or anywhere in life), and how she is following passion and purpose in meaningful and impactful ways.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn: 

  • The value of culture and communication in the workplace.
  • Morreen’s passion for leaders, leadership, and helping people find the best version of themselves.
  • The impact of lifting others up and the fulfillment that brings.
  • The types of clients that are ideal for Morreen’s programs.
  • Challenges she has faced at work as a woman and how she has combatted them.
  • Where her career is headed next and how it ties into her passions.
  • Why she started saving for retirement at age 21 and how she envisions her retirement.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “I help leaders be the best version of themselves because when they show up to work and they’re comfortable, they tend to create cultures and environments where people stay and want to be engaged.” - Morreen Rukin
  • “When you see those light bulbs go off and you see the progress in someone you’re coaching, it just makes it all worthwhile.” - Morreen Rukin
  • “I have to accept myself before I step out and expect others to accept me. My biggest challenge is for me to get out of my own way.” - Morreen Rukin


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