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Facts About Inflation

Facts About Inflation

| April 10, 2023

After decades of hibernation, inflation is back. When I used to talk to clients about inflation, it was this mystical, magical thing that they didn’t see or believe happens. Now that it’s literally in our faces, let’s talk about this invisible thief. In this episode, you will hear 10 important things that are important to know about inflation and how it ultimately affects your finances and future.

When your purchasing power is eroded by rapidly growing inflation, it’s crucial to know what to do with your hard-earned (and saved) money. Listen in as I share some key tips that will help you better understand and effectively navigate the current state of inflation.

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What You’ll Learn: 

  • What inflation is and where we can see it most easily.
  • The long-term effect of inflation on purchasing power.
  • What to expect when it comes to everyday life.
  • Comparing inflation from the past to what we have now.
  • How the Fed attempts to minimize inflation.
  • How inflation could be ended.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Inflation is why a dozen eggs cost more today than they did a year or two ago—and WAY more than 50 years ago.” - Regina McCann Hess
  • “As prices for everyday items rise significantly, your income may not cover as much as it used to.” - Regina McCann Hess
  • “Some asset classes are particularly vulnerable to inflation than others; fixed income is particularly vulnerable to inflation.” - Regina McCann Hess


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