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Grief and Work that Works For You with Angela Dobrzynski

Grief and Work that Works For You with Angela Dobrzynski

| August 21, 2022

Licensed professional counselor and teletherapy provider Angela Dobrzynski joins the show today to share her passion for guiding and helping people who are confused, hurting, lost, lonely, or just needing to deal with the stresses of life. Having gained insight through her work in helping people heal, Angela is here to shed light on understanding grief and loss and how they show up in unexpected ways.

Listen in to hear how retirement and other money issues can get tangled up in grief, as well as tips on how to manage emotions and challenges that you may be dealing with. Angela also talks about why we must recognize and identify sources of grief, challenges she has faced in her career, and more.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How loss and grief show up in unexpected ways.
  • The importance of recognizing and identifying sources of grief.
  • Why Angela decided to write a guide to grief.
  • How parenting is a verb—not just a noun.
  • The challenges Angela dealt with throughout her career.
  • Her retirement vision and how she’s planning to pay off her mortgage.
  • The key to a healthier retirement.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Those non-death losses can be just as challenging to navigate, but people don’t identify them as losses to grieve.” - Angela Dobrzynski

“With grief brain, we often can’t focus on anything for too long or too deep.” - Angela Dobrzynski

“You have choices based on what you have done for yourself. People have a healthier lifestyle and a healthier retirement when they get to make those choices based on things that are available based on all the things they have done to prepare.” - Regina McCann Hess


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