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Midlifing It Up with Colleen Rosenblum

Midlifing It Up with Colleen Rosenblum

| April 10, 2024

Colleen Rosenblum is the host of the Hot Flashes & Cool Topics podcast, where she talks about anything and everything to do with midlife. She joins me today to discuss the importance of midlife conversations and her passion for filling in where the media has failed women in this regard. Listen in to get insight on menopause, community-building, career choice, and more.

You'll learn what to be wary of when it comes to products being marketed to you during midlife, as well as why Colleen believes midlife is the best kept secret. She also shares the truth behind the menopause industries and how she has been creating events to strengthen, educate, and empower women everywhere.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Where the media has failed women in their midlife.

  • What to be wary of when it comes to menopause products and marketing.

  • The events Colleen is creating and the powerful impact they're having.

  • Why midlife is the best kept secret.

  • How to find the right career for you.

  • Challenges Colleen has faced as a woman in the legal space.

  • What retirement looks like to her.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “I don’t think we’re shown the options that we should be. The media and television do not do justice to showing us what’s out there and what we can be doing [in our midlife].” - Colleen Rosenblum
  • “If you’re telling me that it’s just menopause, I’m finding another doctor.” - Colleen Rosenblum
  • “Women learn some of the best information when we’re sitting at a table together—whether it’s just drinking coffee or having a glass of wine. It’s making that connection. It can be powerful.” - Colleen Rosenblum


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