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Problem Solving with Sharon Levitch

Problem Solving with Sharon Levitch

| March 08, 2023

Companies don’t always have the bandwidth or resources to keep existing programs moving while also trying to staff, train, and set up a new system implementation. CEO and Founder of ACS Learning, Sharon Levitch, joins the show today to talk about how they create learning solutions for companies that are rolling out new systems and technology. You will also get a peek into her professional career and some key lessons she has learned along the way.

Listen in as Sharon discusses the challenges she has faced within the industry and how technology is helpful—but also inhibiting in some cases. You'll hear how she navigates issues and challenges relating to technology and training that come up frequently at most companies, as well as her thoughts about career development, evolving your business, and more.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn: 

  • How technology is affecting our generations differently.
  • The difficulty most businesses have when it comes to training and systems.
  • What it means to take the “in-user perspective.”
  • The importance of understanding structural design and adult learning theory.
  • Why constantly evolving your business is key.
  • The main thing that gets people hung up when it comes to learning new systems.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

"A lot of times, companies don’t have the expertise in structural design and adult learning theory, and may not necessarily have an appreciation for the fact that there’s such a thing." - Sharon Levitch

"I love the 'aha!' moment that comes when you design something that’s a good fit and really helps people to understand why they’re doing something, what they’re doing, and how to do it better." - Sharon Levitch

"A lot of times, learning and development don’t necessarily have the importance or gravitas that I feel needs to be brought to the project." - Sharon Levitch


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