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Reverse-Engineering Your Goals with Jamie Milam

Reverse-Engineering Your Goals with Jamie Milam

| January 25, 2023

Today we're joined by Jamie Milam, a Business Systems Coach/Strategist who helps entrepreneurs reverse-engineer their goals so they can create purposeful plans and strategic systems. In this episode, she shares how you can plan for more accurate goals that lead to more achievable success. If you’re battling overwhelm or distraction and have big goals you want to achieve, this episode is for you!

Listen in as Jamie touches on the concept of shifting goals, what she has learned about her own personality, and how it works well with specific kinds of people. You'll learn the importance of embracing who you are in a way that allows you (and others) to benefit from your strengths and more.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn: Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • Jamie’s story and how she became passionate about strategy.

  • How to plan ahead for shifts in your goals.

  • How Jamie reaches out and gains clients.

  • The importance of embracing your unique strengths.

  • Jamie’s thoughts on retirement and how she’s planning for the future.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Having those plans in place is really what helps achieve goals in a really timely manner without having a ton of distraction and overwhelm.” - Jamie Milam

“When we get attached to the why behind it, and get really strategic about those plans, then it’s easily achievable.” - Jamie Milam

“Once you find something you enjoy doing, I don’t think there’s ‘real’ retirement.” - Jamie Milam


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