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The Evolution of Pharmacy with Jocelyn Konrad

The Evolution of Pharmacy with Jocelyn Konrad

| August 07, 2022

Jocelyn Konrad, former Chief Pharmacy Officer at Rite Aid, joins me on the show today to share insight into powerful and effective leadership. This episode shows a whole new side to pharmacy work and pharmacy workers that you may not have gotten the chance to see yet, so make sure to tune in as Jocelyn gives us a glimpse into the teamwork, chaos, and important lessons she took from the last few years.

You will hear about how the pandemic affected the world’s view of pharmacists and why it was such a pivotal time. Jocelyn also shares how they were able to take lessons from past back-ups during flu season to form better solutions and technology to make things flow more smoothly during the pandemic season. You'll get great ideas on how to move through a chaotic time, learn important lessons, acknowledge people along the way, and continue life with more perspective.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How the view of pharmacists changed because of the pandemic.
  • The resources that they were able to come up with to better serve people during a hard time.
  • Past lessons that helped them create the tools pharmacies have now.
  • The problems and lessons with moving too fast and how to move forward effectively.
  • The importance of recognizing accomplishments as they happen.
  • The challenges of being a female in pharmacy.
  • The balance between aspiration and adding value.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“I just loved changing the lives of others, both from a leadership perspective and then also from a consumer perspective.” - Jocelyn Konrad

“Some of the past key learnings helped us form some of the future tools that we built.” - Jocelyn Konrad

“Letting people know that you are interested but understanding you don’t get the pass—it’s important to let them know so that if the opportunity comes up, you can lean in and take it.” - Jocelyn Konrad


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