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Weathering Market Downturns

Weathering Market Downturns

| May 30, 2022

Anyone working within the financial industry knows the inevitability of a market downturn. Recently, the market seems to have been moving in an increasingly downward spiral, but this should not be cause for panic—and it should certainly not be cause for you to abandon the markets. So, in this episode, I am going to share five questions to help you maintain your perspective and avoid making any regrettable decisions during a downturn.

There is no way to lessen the pain during a market decline, but there are ways to reason with yourself and understand what is truly going on. Listen in as I explain what you should do if you need immediate access to your money during a downturn, the value of diversifying your portfolio, and when you should re-balance your holdings.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to stay calm during a financial downturn.
  • The importance of working with your financial professional.
  • Why you should wait out a market downturn.
  • What you should do if you need access to your money during a downturn.
  • What steps you should take if you need stock assets.
  • The benefit of diversifying your portfolio.
  • Why you should allocate your holdings across stocks and bonds.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Abandoning the market during a downturn can cause turmoil for your long-term financial plans.” - Regina McCann Hess

“Think rationally before acting when markets change.” - Regina McCann Hess

“Stocks generally serve best when they are used for the long-term, not short-term needs.” - Regina McCann Hess


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