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Why Women Need To Save More Than Men

Why Women Need To Save More Than Men

| March 25, 2022

Women and men may not be on equal footing when it comes to investing for the future. On average, women work fewer hours and earn less than men—however, women also tend to live longer. Therefore, women must focus on the concerns that are unique to them when planning for retirement. In this episode, I will be explaining the steps you can take as a woman navigating her finances to ensure that you are properly prepared for your future.

Studies show that the majority of women do take an active role in managing their family's finances, so for those women, it is important to learn about and understand long-term planning and investments. Listen in as I share the common obstacles women have to overcome in finances, why you should actively participate in any programs available for retirement through your employer, and the importance of putting your needs first when it comes to finances.

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What You’ll Learn

  • The negative stereotypes around women and money.

  • Why women must save more for retirement.

  • What to remember when saving for retirement as a woman.

  • The importance of educating yourself about investments.

  • Why past performances do not guarantee future results.

Ideas Worth Sharing

“Unfortunately, some negative stereotypes still exist about a woman's ability to manage money.” - Regina McCann Hess 
“I would love to see more women become involved in our industry. It is a great industry for women.” - Regina McCann Hess 

“Women, on average, live longer than men. That means that we must provide for more years in retirement than our male counterparts.” - Regina McCann Hess 


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