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The Power of a Name with Alexandra Watkins

The Power of a Name with Alexandra Watkins

| May 08, 2024

Today we are joined by Alexandra Watkins, founder of brand naming consultancy Eat My Words. She shares how she found her way into the marketing space, what she does every day, and what hurdles she’s had to jump to make it in her creative field.

Listen in to hear about the fun tactics and ideas Alexandra uses to help her clients and stay ahead in a competitive space. You'll learn what her experience has been like as a female in the professional world, her thoughts on retirement and the future of her business, and more.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • Who Alexandra is and the fun and creative work she does.

  • Why she always makes clients pay upfront.

  • The issues she has run into when it comes to AI and how she is able to compete.

  • The power of a name and the award she created to help market her business.

  • Her experience as a professional woman.

  • Why she had to work with the FBI on a case and how she made it through.

  • Her vision and thoughts for retirement.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “We specialize in naming things, especially things that make people fat and drunk.” - Alexandra Watkins
  • “I was doing a kickoff meeting to name a new farm, and I came up with the name on the call. That’s why I always get paid upfront by my clients—because I never know when that’s going to happen.” - Alexandra Watkins
  • “We created this amazing backyard paradise. We already have the place, so in retirement, we’re just going to enjoy our home more.” - Alexandra Watkins


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