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24 Sept
Financial Strategies Before, During, and After Divorce


During this 90 minute webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • The financial partnership of marriage ~ when you say “I do”, what else are you agreeing to?
  • Equitable and Equal are not the same word! Equitable is not always equal, and not necessarily fair either.
  • Future housing will be on the line. What are your options regarding the marital home?
  • Your credit score is a number, it’s not “good, ok, not that great or bad”! What steps you can take today to improve your credit score?
  • Retirement accounts ~ if the 401(k) only has your name on it, does that make it yours? What about restricted stock, stock options, etc.?
  • What about your other “treasures” ~ businesses, real estate, cars, jewelry, collectibles?
  • Support seems like a great/burdensome concept ~ child & spousal
  • Identify how current & future insurance (health & life) will be handled
  • Sharing your “marital” debts ~ credit cards/loans
  • Who determines how assets will be divided? When does $1 doesn’t equal $1?
  • Do you have to share an inheritance? What if you win the lottery while you’re married? Separated?
  • When can you collect Social Security benefits? Can you spouse claim your social security benefits?
  • How are education costs covered by divorced parents?
  • Who pays for the kids’ activities?
  • Why is creating a budget so important? Do you create a current budget or one for future expenses?
  • How do you gather your financial information? What is you don’t have access to the accounts?

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Date and Time

Sat, Sep 24, 2022

10:00a - 11:30a EST




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