Finding Missing Money with Tracy Coenen

Regina McCann Hess, CFP®, CDFA® |

Tracy Coenen, a forensic accountant and creator of the Divorce Money Guide, joins the show today to talk about tracing money, investigating fraud, and keeping better track of hard-earned cash. Specializing in fraud investigations and finding money that may be misused or stolen by executives, Tracy works in the divorce space and understands the common issues people run into when it comes to missing money during divorce.

Listen in as we dive into why she’s so passionate about what she does and the impact that can be made in her field. You'll hear about important resources that will help you or someone you love navigate divorce, fraud, and other missing money situations. Don’t miss this valuable episode full of insight on handling divorce settlements and finding all of the important information needed to understand the full picture.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The common need for forensic accounting.
  • Why money often goes missing (and why it’s often easy to find).
  • The importance of not feeling ashamed as a victim of fraud.
  • How Tracy helps her clients find money and navigate divorce.
  • Challenges she has faced in her career and why she hasn’t focused on them.
  • Why it’s so important to check into finances during a divorce, even if mismanagement isn’t suspected.
  • Advice for handling someone who is pushing a quick settlement.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “Usually, one spouse has primary responsibility for paying the bills and watching the money. They know the other person isn’t looking, so they’re not thinking really hard when trying to cover their tracks when taking money.” - Tracy Coenen
  • “I like helping people who feel disempowered in the process of divorce. I like helping them figure out how to understand their money, how to get some control back, and how to not feel like a victim.” - Tracy Coenen
  • “One piece of advice I have around settlement decisions when someone is pushing you is to say, ‘I’m happy to make a swift settlement decision once I know all the facts.’” - Tracy Coenen


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