Female's hand holding a lantern with the beautiful sunset in the background

A Letter from the President

Your firm’s name and logo stay with you forever and can be two of the most important aspects of going into business.  As I sat and thought about how to brand my firm the answer came easily.

The idea of financial planning is not telling you where to invest and what to do with your money.  Much like a lantern guides you through a path, our purpose is to guide you through your financial journey.  Our work is about educating rather than telling, constantly learning to understand your future together.  The lantern signifies education and guidance to light and lead your financial path.

Wherever that path may lead, Forge Wealth is with you.  The name is built on the foundation of our surrounding community.

For nearly two centuries, iron and steel were Phoenixville’s economic driving factor.  Phoenix Iron Works became one of the largest nail factories in the U.S. and laid the groundwork for a key role in the railroad market.  By the late 1800s, Phoenixville exponentially grew with paved streets, homes, and retail stores.  Though the company went through many name changes, one thing stayed constant— they brought wealth and community to a once desolate land, employing up to 2,500 workers during the two World Wars.

Forging iron and steel was an essential part in the economic growth of our community.  To forge is to create something strong, enduring or successful.  Behind strong and lasting relationships with my clients and community lies the meaning of Forge Wealth Management.

Regina McCann Hess, CFP®, CDFA®


Phoenix Iron and Steel Co.

Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission Marker

Steel Mill

Memorial Arch at Valley Forge

Memorial Arch at Valley Forge

Anthony Wayne Statue in Autumn, Valley Forge National Historical Park, Pennsylvania, USA

Anthony Wayne Statue

The Knox Covered Bridge

The Knox Covered Bridge