Divorce Services

What can a CDFA® professional do for you?
As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with more than fifteen years of experience, Regina works together with clients and attorneys to guide them through the financial complexities of the divorce process.  The role of the CDFA® professional is to assist the client and his or her attorney to understand how the decisions he or she makes today will impact the client’s financial future.

Much of a CDFA® professional’s role is collecting the client’s financial data and performing analysis.  CDFA® professionals can help manage a client’s expectations of their financial future by presenting different scenarios and talking through the client’s budget and expenses.  Financial divorce analysis helps to focus on a stable economic future.  This also helps prevent long-term regret with financial decisions made during the divorce process.

In short, a CDFA® professional is best at providing advice on:

  • collecting financial and expense data
  • valuing assets and debts
  • valuing a family home
  • dividing retirement and pension accounts
  • the amount and duration of alimony
  • tax implications of alimony and property division
  • identifying future financial goals
  • developing a budget
  • setting retirement objectives
  • setting up a financial plan for life after the divorce
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