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Whom We Serve

Pharmaceutical Executives

Over one-third of our clients work in healthcare, many of which have been with us since the very beginning.  As a former healthcare professional, I understand the specific financial needs for the industry; particularly when analyzing your unique compensation plan, including: stock options, restricted stock units and performance stock units.


You’ve worked your entire life to spend your later years carefree.  You deserve to live the lifestyle that reflects your hard work and planning.  We ask you your needs, wants, wishes, goals, and what purpose your money serves to plan your specific financial roadmap. Our aim is to create and preserve the lifestyle you have earned.


Dissolving a marriage can be stressful and emotional, making it easy to be distracted.  We are here to support you and your family during the process to make smart financial decisions.  The end of a marriage does not have to mean the end of your financial future. 

Female Executives

We have vast experience of working with high net worth women of various backgrounds and life stages.  Women working with other women is our motto to develop a financial and estate plan that fits each special situation. At Forge Wealth, we are committed to continually educating women and building a strong relationship through their financial journey.


There is no grief comparable to the loss of a loved one.  Put your mind at ease and let us help you. We are here to answer your questions regarding access to financial accounts, estate property and taxes, and your family plans.

Executives in Career Transitions

Career changes can be filled with a lot of uncertainty, but it doesn’t mean your finances have to follow suit.  We are here to guide you on a different path as you assume a new position.

Business Owners & Executives

As an owner/executive you work countless hours to ensure your company has a successful future.  The demands of running a company often leave little time to manage your own personal financial plan.  We work with you to understand your financial needs and desires, as well as your tolerance for risk.

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