The Impact of Therapy with Shelley Snapp, LMFT

Regina McCann Hess, CFP®, CDFA® |

Shelley Snapp is a licensed therapist in Pennsylvania who provides assistance for those struggling with anxiety, PTSD, burnout, work-life balance, perfectionism, and trauma. In today’s episode, Shelley joins us to talk about how therapy can help people navigate these tough issues, as well as how to find the right therapist to do so.

Listen in to hear about her passion for being a safe space and helping people work through whatever their journey may be. Shelley also offers great information that will help those who may want to try therapy but aren’t sure if it’s the right fit. You’ll learn about some of her treatments, the many types of traumas she works with, the importance of work-life separation, and more.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • What Shelley loves most about her career as a therapist.
  • A key need that has particularly shown up after the pandemic.
  • How to find the right therapist.
  • What to do if you’re unsure whether to try therapy.
  • The kinds of counseling that are available.
  • Challenges Shelley has faced as a professional woman.
  • The importance of filling your cup—and how Shelley makes that happen.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “There’s such a need for good providers and good therapists. Something we are seeing a lot is a need for social skills and emotional coping skills.” – Shelley Snapp
  • “For therapists, it’s all about providing the best level of treatment for our client. Even if it’s not us, that’s okay! We want what’s best for the people in our community.” – Shelley Snapp
  • “There’s a reason why I work with so many clients on burnout and self-care, because I myself have struggled with that over the years—especially in the earlier years of my career.” – Shelley Snapp


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