Influencing Transformation with Miriah Rutledge

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Today we are joined by Miriah Rutledge, Owner of Choosing Change Counselling in Pennsylvania, to talk about the value and blessings of therapy. A licensed marriage and family therapist, Miriah specializes in communication, divorce, dating, domestic violence, infidelity, trust issues, and more. You will get to hear some of the most important things she helps people with and gain insight into how therapy can transform the lives of individuals and families.

Listen in as she breaks down her approach to reframing divorce and dealing with grief in a way that allows people to maintain hope and security through the process. You'll learn the big lessons Miriah has learned throughout the ups and downs of her career, as well as how she deals with the roller coaster. We also discuss how she views retirement and her hopes for that phase of life.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • What Miriah loves most about being a therapist and the people she works with.
  • The value of being able to work through marital or family issues with a therapist.
  • Why it’s so important to be able to check in with kids when parents are going through divorce or relationship issues.
  • The importance of language when dealing with big transitions and how it can reframe things in a more manageable way.
  • Insight on dealing with grief in a way that is empowering and allows hope to remain.
  • Challenges that Miriah has dealt with throughout her career and how she handles them.
  • What should be at the top of your mind this holiday season.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “It’s the greatest honor to be let into people’s lives the way that I am and to be able to hold space for their vulnerabilities and their pain.” - Miriah Rutledge
  • “When it comes to divorce, I try to reframe it as a restructuring of the family rather than an end of the family. It’s easier to go into it with that mindset and helps mitigate the negative feelings that go along with it.” - Miriah Rutledge
  • “Language is so powerful, especially when going through big transitions.” - Miriah Rutledge


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