Supporting Families of NICU Babies with Martha Sharkey

Regina McCann Hess, CFP®, CDFA® |

Martha Sharkey joins the show again today, and I’m so excited to have her back to share how she is tackling the difficult situation NICU families face—and what you can do to help! Martha is the founder and CEO of TODAY is a Good Day, a local foundation providing personal and financial support for families who experience the neonatal intensive care unit with their babies. 

Listen in to hear how her own personal experiences with the NICU inspired her to fill in the gap for much-needed care and support for families experiencing this traumatic time. You'll learn how TODAY is a Good Day got started and where they are now when it comes to coverage, growth, and fundraising support. If the NICU experience has a place in your heart and you want to be a part of the positive impact going on, this episode is for you.

Listen To The Episode Here:

What You’ll Learn:

  • The gap in care for parents of NICU babies.
  • How TODAY is a Good Day has filled that gap to support the families of NICU babies.
  • How they raise funds and provide opportunities for families to connect.
  • Opportunities available to get involved with TODAY is a Good Day.
  • How they have built carefully curated and impactful care packages.
  • What bonding squares are and how they work.
  • How to request NICU care packages.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

  • “The NICU experience can be very isolating and a roller-coaster ride for sure.” - Martha Sharkey
  • “A birth, no matter the situation, deserves to be celebrated.” - Martha Sharkey
  • “We send care packages upon request, so if you know someone with a little one in the NICU, reach out to us.” - Martha Sharkey


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